Prenatal Massage

Feel more at ease in your body, and get some relief from pain and discomfort that comes with growing a baby!

Pregnancy and the transition into motherhood can be overwhelming, stressful and your aching body can be uncomfortable at times. Massage is safe for mom and baby, can help you unwind, and feel more connected and at peace afterwards.

Some of the benefits include:

  • RELAXATION! decreased stressed levels
  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • relief from muscle aches and pains
  • decrease swelling
  • relief from muscle cramps
  • better sleep
  • improved labour outcomes
  • increased circulation
  • increased body awareness


Do you wish you could feel more comfortable during your pregnancy and get relief from sore achy muscles and discomfort?

Are you looking for some peace and quiet in your life to let go of stress and tension?

Pregnancy brings with it great physical and emotional changes. It is a beautiful time of life but can also be a stressful time for many. 

Pregnancy hormones relax joints and ligaments and your center of gravity changes altering your posture and shifting the pelvis forward, resulting in muscle tension and pain. Common areas affected are the low back, hips, upper back, shoulders and neck.

I do a full health history intake at your initial appointment and find out your main concerns and preferences for your treatment. I can then make recommendations for positioning during the massage. I have a bolster that allows you to continue to lie face down on your belly during pregnancy or comfortably on your side during the massage so that you can rest assured knowing you and your baby are safe and cared for.


During a Massage I may incorporate any of the following for the best results as part of my holistic approach:

  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage Techniques
  • Reiki
  • Essential Oils
  • Cupping

Typically during a 60 minute session we are limited to mostly massage. If you would like more modalities incorporated I suggest you book for 75-90 minutes.

Combining other modalities into your massage can help to balance the body and relieve common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, constipation, carpal tunnel and many more.

Using Acupressure and Reflexology to help initiate labour, encourage optimal positioning of the fetus can be used at 40 weeks pregnant. As a doula I use Bodywork including massage, acupressure and reflexology during labour to help with pain management and labour progression.


Lori is my go to therapist. She listens to you and makes sure to focus on what you want worked on, as well as addressing areas you may not have known were contributing to your issues. I always feel amazing after being treated by Lori. ~Jess H

Lori is an expert massage therapist. I’ve done a couple of prenatal massage but Lori is by far on the top. I loved the part of the session when she massaged my neck and shoulder, was really relaxing. She is also friendly and clean. I recommend Lori over and over~Soha K

Lori is amazing! She is kind and genuine. She really listens to your concerns and ailments to give you the best treatment possible. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and will help you feel your best. I love that she also incorporates different modalities into her practice such as aromatherapy, cupping and reflexology. Leaving you feel totally re aligned after a treatment. Highly recommend!!~Jenn F


Q: Is it safe to get a massage during the first trimester, or should I wait until I am 12 weeks pregnant to get a massage?

A: There is no evidence to suggest that massage can cause miscarriage during pregnancy in the first trimester. I am comfortable and confident in providing massage that is safe for you at any time during your pregnancy. Of course, if you have a history of miscarriage or complications you may wish to wait until the second trimester as a personal preference. We can also massage other areas of the body and avoid the hips and low back completely if you like. If you are considered a high risk pregnancy, I will require a doctors's note before we can start.

Q: What qualifications and experience do you have treating pregnant women?

A: I have completed 2200 hrs of Massage Therapy and am registered with the NHPC. I continue to take additional continuing education courses to keep my knowledge current and updated to serve you better. I have been working with women during pregnancy since I graduated and have gone through pregnancy myself a few times as a mom and understand what it’s like. It is my passion!

Q:Do you only massage pregnant women/will you massage my husband, kids, etc?

A: Of course! I massage everyone, including all members of your family.

Mobile Rates:

60 minutes: $105 / Couples 60 minutes $190
75 minutes: $125 / Couples 75 minutes $225
90 minutes: $145 / Couples 90 minutes $260

Family Massage available for 3-4hours, prices vary.

Clinic Rates:

60 Minutes: $90
75 Minutes: $110
90 Minutes: $130

Book 5 or more massages during your pregnancy
and get your first postpartum massage 50% OFF!

Book 10 or more massages during your pregnancy
and get your first postpartum massage FREE!

Not Pregnant?

I offer Postpartum Massage, Massage Therapy and Foot Reflexology as well.

Q:What happens after I book my massage?

A: You will receive an email confirmation, and an online intake form where you will provide all relevant health history and details such as your address and contact information. I also require payment information to secure your spot-you will not be charged until the time of your appointment. Please note the late notice cancellation policy. Less than 24 hours and you will be required to pay 50% of your appointment service fee. If you've booked an Office Appointment, you will receive all of the location and parking information in the email.

Q:What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Credit card, e-transfer, and cash. I also offer direct billing for your added convenience.

Q: What do I need to provide or have ready for my in home massage?

A: Your music of choice (or I will provide some relaxation music), 1-2 pillows and a throw blanket.