My 10 Favourite Essential Oils to Use During Pregnancy

My 10 Favourite Essential Oils to Use During Pregnancy

My second pregnancy is when I really started to rely on essential oils for everything. From stress to a stuffed up nose, to mood swings, insomnia, nausea to physical back pain. I later used it during labour and into the postpartum period. I started using essential oils with my son when he was two and a half at the time and he still loves having oils put on him. Whether it’s his spine or his feet – he loves it. He even intuitively picks the right oils for himself – without being able to read or anything. He always surprises me!

Here are my top oils that I used on the regular during pregnancy and what they are good for.

1. Balance-Grounding Blend

For grounding, relaxation and relieving anxiety, fear or feelings of overwhelm. It’s got a really nice woody and sweet aroma that helps create feelings of calm, grounding you into your body and at peace in your pregnancy. I used this a lot when I felt scattered, overwhelmed or stressed.

2. Lavender

For relaxation, calming, and sleep. When used during labour it can reduce anxiety, provide pain relief, lighten the mood, and can even ease contractions in early labour(1). It was the main oil I used in the hospital room during my second birth, and everyone who came into the room after the baby was born was commenting on how lovely the room smelled. It created such a lovely ambience in the room. I also used it for pain relief on my lower back throughout pregnancy to calm my muscle tension.

3. Serenity-Calming Blend

Amazing for relaxation, sleep and calming. Similar to lavender (because it has lavender in it), it is a blend of calming oils that soothe the soul. I put this in my bath a lot at the end of a long day or diffused at bedtime to help me fall asleep.


4. Orange

Uplifting and Energizing, orange is great when you need a little boost. Whether you’re feeling fatigued (as pregnant women often do) or a little blue or lacking motivation, orange is a great oil to help boost your mood and energy levels. It doubles as a natural cleaner, disinfecting surfaces and killing germs.

5. Aromatouch-Massage Blend

Great for aches and pains – Pregnant or not. As a massage therapist, I used Aromatouch all the time with my clients. The smell is amazing, it helps with any inflammation, muscle or joint pain and is safe to use during pregnancy. It does contain peppermint, however, so it is not recommended postpartum. Peppermint is said to affect milk supply, so it is best used cautiously in nursing mothers.

6. Easy Air

Feeling stuffed up? Sick with a cough, cold or a runny nose? This oil will work wonders to help give you some relief. While you can’t take any over the counter cold medicine while pregnant, this is a great one to diffuse to kill germs and help you breathe better. I often would put it on a diffuser pendant on days when I felt congested.

7. Clary Sage

This is an oil not to be used during pregnancy, but to wait until labour starts or after 40 weeks. It is a uterine tonic that assists with effective contractions. It may help strengthen contractions once they’ve started. I used this in early labour mixed with Geranium and Lavender to help strengthen contractions, calm the nervous system and strengthen labour. I laboured at home for about 8 hours, and once I got to the hospital it was go-time! I feel like the blend of oils helped me remain calm and relaxed at home until it was time to go.

8. Frankincense

Helpful for mood – depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. It has so many amazing benefits, but this is what I used it for. Frankincense is also known for its skin healing benefits, and I made a Postpartum Spray with it and Lavender to use on the perineum to encourage tissue healing and soothing.

9. Elevation – Joyful Blend or Citrus Bliss

Both of these blends could be used for energy or uplifting mood, but have a very different aroma. I liked to diffuse them on days when I was low energy or lacked motivation, or was feeling down. Could be helpful to use with prenatal depression.


10. Geranium
For self-love and heart connection with the baby. I used Geranium a lot during my first pregnancy in the bath. It’s got a floral smell that is sweet, and it relates a lot to your heart chakra. I would use this time in the bath to connect to my baby and meditate on self-love and being gentle with myself. During my second pregnancy, I added it to my labour rollerball along with clary sage and lavender to help me feel calm.

I referenced a Book called Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies written by Midwife Stephanie Fritz. Her website also has a ton of useful information, and she is a trusted source when it comes to using Essential Oils during Pregnancy.

To check out her Blog, click here.

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1-Nursing Times magazine March 2. 1994-Using Aromatherapy in Childbirth

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