Birth Doula

Nurturing and compassionate physical, emotional and informational support for moms during pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

Imagine looking back at your birthing experience and feeling supported, loved, nurtured and empowered.
Imagine feeling like you are a part of the decision making process during labour and being supported in making informed choices about your body and your baby.
Imagine being grounded in your body and encouraged to follow your own innate wisdom and instincts to give birth in a way that feels really good to you.
Imagine feeling completely safe and respected by the people supporting you during birth, an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Does it sound almost too good to be true?

I know with all of the horror stories out there and in the media about birth, it’s hard to believe birth can be a positive experience. But I’m here to tell you that I can help you make it happen.

Maybe you are a first time mama with a lot of questions and concerns.

You may be feeling all kinds of emotions as you near your due date and you are not alone.

I hear moms talk about this all the time. You may be

    • Feeling anxious, because birth is unpredictable and how could you possibly be prepared for any scenario that comes your way
    • Wondering how supportive your birth partner will be, will they faint as soon as they see the baby’s head, or will they lose their cool and leave you hanging?
    • Wondering how you are going to cope if you have a really long labour
    • Or alternatively, you may worry that you will have the baby in the car on the way to the hospital
    • Planning for a home birth or an unmedicated birth and have fears about things going other than planned and ending up getting induced or needing a caesarean
    • Feeling fearful about how much it will hurt
  • Feeling unsettled because you are not sure which medical care provider is going to show up or be the one on call when you give birth

Or maybe you had a really awful birth experience previously and you want to change your experience this time around. You want to let go of the fear, the trauma, and the disrespect you felt in your previous experience.

The good news is, your next birthing story does not have to read like the last.

And if you were  lucky – you’ve given birth before and had an experience you can look back on and feel good about. But, just imagine how much better it could be to have some extra support to make your next birthing experience even better!

Together, we can work to create a really empowering experience for you, no matter what happens, no matter the outcome or how you bring your baby into this world.

With how unpredictable birth can be, one of the only things you really have control over is the team that you choose to support you through.

When you work with Me as your Doula, you will get

    • Continuous labour support-physical, emotional and informational
    • A skilled and trained bodywork expert who is familiar with your body (!!), and the areas that you hold tension – as well as in depth knowledge of various pressure points that are helpful for pain management and labour progression
    • Hands-on support and labour massage (or guidance for the birthing partner) for pain management and comfort measures for natural or medicated childbirth
  • Intuitive, grounded and calm presence to provide reassurance, encouragement and information throughout labour

All of my birth doula packages include massage and bodywork with me prenatally.

We know that women labour with ease when they are surrounded with familiar people, feel relaxed and comfortable with the people supporting them. My goal is to get to know you, your preferences, how your body tenses and your unspoken signals, while you get to know me as a familiar person who you can trust and feel respected by.

Not only are we building a relationship, but massage and reflexology are amazing when it comes to preparing and opening the body for birthing a baby.

Releasing tension in the hips, opening the side-body, and practicing relaxation are all great things to do in preparation for labour. Plus! They feel good too!

Evidence shows that continuous support can:

    • Decrease the risk of Cesarean
    • Decrease the use of medications for pain relief
    • Decrease the risk of a low five minute Apgar score
    • Increases satisfaction and the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Shorten labor and decrease the use of Pitocin. *

All Birth Support Packages include:

    • Unlimited Phone, Text and Email Support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum questions
    • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until baby is born
    • Continuous labour support until 1-2 hours postpartum
    • Ongoing emotional, physical and informational support throughout birth
    • Assistance with coping strategies and natural pain management support
    • Labor massage, acupressure and/or reflexology and assist partner in labor massage
    • Initial Breastfeeding support (if needed)
    • Back-up doula support arranged
    • TENS Machine Rental
    • At least one prenatal meeting to discuss and put together a birth plan and preferences, discuss your ideal birth scenario and how we can best work together and what kind of support is needed as well as preparing for the postpartum period
  • At least one postpartum visit to discuss the birth, put together a birth timeline if you wish for one, provide feeding support, answer questions, provide resources and referrals if needed

For Current Packages, Pricing and Availability please contact me.

Doula clients are entitled to 15% off their bodywork sessions for the duration of their pregnancy upon hire and up to 4 months postpartum.

“Lori has been amazing in her support and I am very excited for her future as a doula! She provided wonderful emotional support, acupressure and counter pressure techniques during labour. She quickly stepped up to tasks right away. Lori did an amazing job, thanks so much again and we are forever grateful in your attendance for the birth of our daughter.” Jenny W.


Q: So do I still need a doctor or midwife if I have a doula?

A: Yes. Doulas are NOT trained medical professionals. Doulas do not do the following:

    • They do not perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams or fetal heart monitoring
    • They do not give medical advice or diagnose conditions
    • They do not make decisions for the client (medical or otherwise)
    • They do not pressure the birthing person into certain choices just because that’s what they prefer
    • They do not take over the role of the partner
    • They do not catch the baby
  • They do not change shifts (although some doulas may call in their back-up after 12-24 hours)*

Q: Are your services covered by Insurance plans?

A: My doula services are not covered by Insurance plans. However, I can provide you with itemized receipts for the bodywork provided in the packages which are eligible for your extended health benefits for reimbursement. How much is covered depends on your individual plan.

Q:Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, I do! We can break the payment up into 2 or more payments. The last payment will be due at 38 weeks, prior to the on-call period.

Q: Are you a certified doula?

A:  I have completed over 100 hours of training to become a doula. I am currently taking births for the certification process. Once certified, prices are subject to change.

If you are thinking about having a doula to support you, book a free consultation to see if we are a good fit! 

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*(Ref: Evidence-Based Birth-