4 Life-Changing Tips on having an Empowering Birth Experience

4 Life-Changing Tips on having an Empowering Birth Experience

As a mom of 2, I’m sharing what I’ve learned about birth through my experiences.

In this article I want to share with you what I believe helped me to have an empowering birthing experience with my second child and how I transformed my traumatic experience from the first time around to create a positive outlook for the next time. This is my best advice to anyone who is pregnant and preparing for their due date.

1. Mindset.

This was number one for me. During my first pregnancy I focused so much on the HOW of birth. All the science, the facts, the options and the pros/cons of each. I was so attached to how I wanted the birth to go that I ended up feeling really disappointed with how it went. It took me a long time to heal from my experience.
During my second pregnancy I really focused on how I wanted to FEEL during the birthing process. For me this meant I wanted to feel supported, heard, empowered and trusting in the natural process of birth. I visualized that over and over and it’s what I got.

2. Honest reflection on my previous birthing experience to know what worked for me and what didn’t.

If this is your first pregnancy then you won’t be able to do that. BUT there are ways around this to help you figure out your preferences. Google birth preferences to find worksheets and articles that can help you pinpoint your expectations and birth wishes.

3. Communication.

Another huge component. I had to communicate a lot of fears and wishes ahead of time with my midwives and birth partner (my husband) to ensure we were on the same page. When you’re in the moment of birth it can be difficult to speak up between contractions because you’re so in your body and the moment that you don’t want to do anything that will take you out of your focus. Even when I did the second time around I felt like I was ordering people around but it was okay because I was simply asking for what I needed and I felt empowered because of it. My midwife was also able to remind me of my wishes during labour when I struggled and I felt so supported and HEARD. And hashing things out with my birth partner ahead of time so he could speak up for me if I needed him to about ANYTHING.

4. Learning to trust my intuition and my body.

In making any decisions about birth, I had to develop trust with myself and my intuition and know that I would be okay no matter what happens. Regarding who I wanted at the birth, where it would be, things I needed to bring with, what I would do with my older child when I went into labour, help after birth. Everything. Trusting my intuition, my body, and asking for what I needed.


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