Nurturing and supporting pregnant and postpartum moms in body, mind and soul with massage, bodywork and doula services in Calgary, Alberta.

Two Convenient Booking Options: Mobile (In your Home) or In Office (Midnapore, SE Calgary)

Hi! I'm Lori. I love helping pregnant, postpartum women and moms feel supported and nurtured, better in their bodies, release pain and tension, and transition to motherhood with ease.

Take time for you so that you can be a better person, partner and mother. Nurture yourself so that you can show up more fully in your life.

Work with another mom who understands the frustrations, fears, stresses, desires and joys of pregnancy and motherhood. I’m a mama too and I understand the strong desire for some alone or quiet time, while also craving that human adult interaction and connection.

Some days you need someone to hold space for you in peace and let you rest, other days you need to gab about how crummy your week is going and laugh about the things your kids are up to now and how much your life is changing or has changed!

Get support from someone who listens to your concerns and addresses them from a holistic standpoint.

Incorporating other modalities into your massage realigns your  body, mind and soul! Dip into my never-ending fountain of recent research to get resources, information, knowledge and experiences to improve your health beyond your massage. I care about your wellbeing!

You may have heard that “It takes a village to raise a child”, well it also takes a village of mothers to make a mother. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself and feel supported.


I really felt like Lori was able to tune into where I was at and meet me there. I felt grounded, peaceful and at ease after my massage. Her vibe is open and compassionate and she creates an environment that is accepting and nurturing. ~Serafina C.

Are you ready to let go of stress and tension and feel better in your body?

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